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Catamaran Sailing Holbox Tour

Catamaran Sailing Holbox Tour, Holbox Tours

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Enjoy the beautiful holbox beaches on a catamaran admiring all the beauty that this island offers from the sea

We offer trips from with minimum of 4 people

Discover Holbox

Duration 4 hours

Sail in front of the island. Visit Punta Cocos, Punta Mosquitos, Isla Passion and Yalahau. (Depending on the wind)

Includes: water and fruit

Hours: 10: 00-2: 00 or 11: 00-3: 00

Price: $ 70 dollars per person

* mínimum 4 persons

Cabo Catoche tour

Duration: all day

We sail out catoche.

Stop to eat and enjoy the solitude of the cape.

Includes: water and fruit

Food and drinks in catoche cape is not included.

Hours: 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Price: $ 95 dollars per person

* minimum 6 persons


Sunset tour

Duration 2:45 hours

It consists of sailing in front of the island and enjoying the beautiful sunset that the island offers.

Includes: bottle of wine and guacamole

Winter time: 4: 00-7: 00 approx

Price: $ 94 dollars per person

* minimum 2 persons


Sailing and yoga

For groups

It consists of sailing to mosquito tip, 1 hour of catamaran yoga class, savasana in the water and a delicious healthy breakfast

Price: $ 110 dollars per person

* minimum 4 persons




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