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Scenic Flights by plane in Holbox

Scenic Flights by planet in Holbox

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Enjoy the beautiful views of Holbox Island on a small plane tour flying over the island and the area of Cabo catoche
In these 30 minutes of overflight you will appreciate the spectacular colors of the Holbox Sea and its clear and transparent waters, virgin beaches, a view of the center, and in the area of the mainland of the peninsula you can see  cabo catoche  ideal place to snorkel and a view of the river with its mangroves

No doubt they will be minutes of excitement to take many photos.

We organize this private tour leaving Holbox airport every day from 9 am to 5 pm any day of the week

planer for 5 people 30 minutes flight over holbox island.,  total price taxes included $ 399 usd
*Additional tax of $100 MXN p/p (Bracelet) -Pay at the momento


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