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Holbox Airport

Holbox Airport

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Holbox is full of surprises. Both the land and the people are special. Something to be explored at leisure and cherished. And now, thanks to a new landing strip built and maintained by Aerosaab, the island is now accessible to small groups on private aircraft.

The people of Holbox invite you to enjoy the natural beauty of their island, as a courtesy there is no cost to land your single engine plane at the airport. For your convenience, an air conditioned hotel is located close to the airport.

The Miami Herald interviewed Aerosaab's owner and founder, Alberto Saab for an article in the August 19, 1999 issue. "Three years ago, Aerosaab opened the first airdrome in Holbox - an island off the northern coast of the peninsula. The first time we flew there, we had to land on an isolated beach. Alberto loved the place, and decided to have a base there. He opened a hotel, Hotel Puerto Holbox, and built the airdrome. "This airdrome was made in a very ecological manner; it's just grass surrounded by conch. In one area you can read a welcome sign on the grass, also made from conch shells," mentioned Alberto Saab.

Aerosaab runs charters to Holbox Island and coordinates all the air traffic to the island from their headquarters in Playa del Carmen, a seaside town 68 km south of Cancun. Aerosaab operates the only small aircraft workshop in Quintana Roo, offering repair and maintenance services 24 hours a day.

You can reach Aerosaab by Telephone 011 52 984 87 30804 and Fax 011 52 984 87 30501 or at their website http://www.aerosaab.com.

Holbox Island Airport


21º 34' 10" N
88º 26' 10" W

Sectional Chart ONCJ25
Elevation 10 ft. ASL
Runway 2100 ft. x 80 ft.
Orientation 03-21
VHF 122.5
Distances MID-HOL 123 NM

FBO Services

  1. Capacity for 5 single engine planes
  2. Single engine planes only
  3. 24 hour security
  4. Perimeter fenced runway
  5. Water, phone, fax, electricity, air conditioned hotel
  6. Wind sock
  7. Basic mechanic services, with further service available in Playa del Carmen
  8. Waiting area
  9. First aid services


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