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Boca Iglesias Tour

Boca Iglesias Tour in Holbox Islnad


Boca Iglesias is located on the northeastern área of the Yucatan peninsula, it includes an archeological zone and a small town, just 18 km southeast of the Cabo Catoche lighthouse where the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea converge

The story tells that the Spaniards arrived here in 1517 and named it "Greater Cairo." It is the first point that the Spanish conquerors touched upon Mexican lands during their arrival.

At this point, the first Catholic church in Latin America was built. Greater Cairo was abandoned in the 17th century and there are currently only a few ruins of pre-Hispanic buildings covered with dense vegetation between mangroves and other ruins of a 16th-century convent.

The church is an area of difficult access to reach walking , it is necessary to travel on foot quite a distance in order to reach the church.

The place is reached only by boat. We offer you this tour where you can admire the beautiful virgin beaches of the holbox area, catoche cape and this historic point of the Yucatan peninsula.

1 to 5 passenger boat total cost $ 475 dollars
*Additional tax of $100 MXN p/p (Bracelet) -Pay at the momento

Tour duration: 5 hours

It includes:

Box lunch on board, waters, soft drinks


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