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Holbox Adventure Off the Beaten Path

Depart Playa del Carmen and fly north along the coast to enjoy a panoramic view of Mexico's Riviera Maya, Cancun's hotel zone and Isla Mujeres island. In just one hour you will land on Holbox Island.

After refreshments, you will take a guided boat ride out to Isla Pajaros - Island of the Birds - for some of the best bird watching in Mexico. See flamingos and other exotic birds as they feed and nest on this small Caribbean island.

AerosaabThe next step is to board a boat bound for Isla Pajaros (Island of the Birds). This tiny island is one of the best bird sanctuaries in the area, and is easily reached from Holbox Island. The reserve protects thousand of fascinating birds and bird nests. Bird watchers usually see mother birds feeding their babies at their nests. Is interesting to see how the birds build their nests in places they consider safe, some on top of high trees, others low to the ground but protected by cactuses with large spines. Frigate birds, white pelicans, cormorants and pink flamingos are common to the island. The island is also home to a variety of iguanas, horseshoe crabs (that had been living our planet since the time of dinosaurs), and an amazing diversity of wild plants.

After this stop at this birders' paradise, the boat will take you to visit the Yalahau Spring. This is an inlet whose source is a fresh water spring. Jump in for a refreshing swim. The water is cool and crystal clear, and you can snorkel if you bring your own equipment.

After the boat ride to Isla Pajaros and a stop at the Yalahau Spring, enjoy lunch and tour the town's hammock and guitar workshops.

Located to the northwest of Cancun, Holbox Island is just 42 km long. It is separated from the mainland coast by a shallow lagoon which gives sanctuary to thousands of flamingos, pelicans and other exotic birds and creatures. Most of the people in the island make their living fishing, it is common to see fishermen walking through the village with their catch of the day or carrying their nets.

The streets of Holbox Island are made of white sand, common of Caribbean islands, and there are very few cars. Holbox is considered a virgin tourist destination because very few outsiders visit the island. In spite of the island's natural beauty, inaccessibility has left it unspoiled by mass tourism.

The airplane will land at the ecologically friendly aerodrome of the island. The guide will welcome you there with refreshments and a snack to get ready to explore the Holbox Island. At this time you would order your lunch, freshly caught fish of the day, prepared any way you wish. Lobster is also available for an additional $6.

Heading back to Holbox Island, you will pass through an ocean channel. Visitors frequently see large pods of dolphins swimming in the channel and the island's fishermen at work.

Lunch will be ready when the boat lands. Enjoy the fabulous fresh fish catch of the day while listening to Mexican music played by your own guide and his students, children who made their own mandolins. It will be a lunch to remember.

After the meal, there is time for a walk around the town. In the village, you can learn about the lifestyle of the island's quiet people who have fished these waters for generations. You can visit the mandolin workshop and learn how craftsmen make these hardwood string instruments. A hammock factory is also open where you can see how hammocks are made by hand. Holbox Island's other attractions include long, deserted beaches where you can find different colorful shells and unbroken conch shells, perfect for shell collectors. Holbox Village is very Caribbean looking with colorful houses made of wood. You will see friendly people everywhere, welcoming you to your Holbox Adventure.

Private airplanes wishing to fly to Holbox Island should see holboxisland.com for more information about the Holbox Airport.

Holbox Island Tour includes:

  • Round trip flight from Playa del Carmen.
  • Welcome drink and snack.
  • Guide and boat for bird watching at Isla Pajaros and Yalahau Spring
  • Catch of the day with a beer or soda (lobster is available for $6 usd extra)
  • Tour of Holbox village.
  • Bring your bathing suit, sun screen, a towel, and wear comfortable shoes to enjoy your time on Holbox Island.

Holbox Island Tour
Tuesday - Thursday - Saturday
leaves Playa del Carmen
at 9:00 am and returns at 5:00 pm

Holbox Island Tour Price

Cancun Departure

Total Cost

2 pax $1,100 USD
3 pax $1,165 USD
4 pax $1,795 USD
5 pax $3,045 USD


Playa del Carmen Departure

Total Cost

2 pax $1,300 USD
3 pax $1,380 USD
4 pax $1,840 USD
5 pax $2,296 USD


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